Friday, September 08, 2006

An OPEN Eye to the Origins of "Islamofascism"

Who espouses the term "Islamofascism" and where did it originate?

Stephen Schwartz, a devotee and writer for the Weekly Standard, THE primary neocon periodical funded by Rupert Murdoch and founded by Bill Kristol, former VP Dan Quayle chief of staff and the same GOPer who founded the PNAC which gave us American imperialism post Cold War and the Bush Doctrine and the invasion/transformation of Iraq plan, claims to be the first to use the "Islamofascism" analogy in the Neocon Weekly Standard.

Do you know who Stephen Schwartz is?
He is an Jewish American who converted to Islam in the 1990s into a sufi sect called the Naqshbandi/Haqqani sufi order. He apparently is a follower of the Islamic Supreme Council of America's leader, Kabbani, the appointed leader from Haqqani. Haqqani(the global sect leader) and Kabbani (the American leader) believe they are the true Muslims and the rest of the Muslims in America and the scores of Muslim groups and their movements throughout the world are deviants, mostly because they disagree with them and refuse to pay allegiance to Haqqani.

Those Muslim groups that compete with the sect are targetted for political and intellectual repression, if not physical repression. This is partially motivated by the unwillingness of these groups to submit to Haqqani's sectarian supremacy and bow to him in allegiance to his reign. But since the Naqshbandi-Haqqani order is a tiny sect of little significance within the Muslim world, they have buddied up to any governments that will ally with them and work to turn them against the majority of Muslims. Of the most supportive Muslim governments, the sect considers itself allied with the Uzbekistan ruler Islam Karimov. (This is largely due to the fact that the Naqshbandi order originated in the Uzbek Fergana valley region.)

Haqqani and Kabbani have paid homage to Karimov, as has Schwartz. One will find Schwartz, the allegedly unoffical mouthpiece of Kabbani, actually calling for and supporting Karimov's violent military and government repression of nonviolent Muslim groups in Uzbekistan in his Weekly Standard articles. Kabbani, the American emissary of Haqqani, regularly advises Bush, Cheney, Rice, and other officials on strategies towards the Muslim world. Kabbani has publicly attacked every Muslim group in America, levelled allegations of nearly every mosque in America (except his) of being terrorist fronts and full of extremists. It is quite reasonable to conclude that the Bush administration's venomous rhetorical attack on Muslims in America and abroad has been supported by Kabbani, if not directly coordinated with his group.

Schwartz, as a Haqqani/Kabbani follower, berates and seeks repression of all Muslim groups , ecspecially nonviolent groups, who differ from his sectarianism. Given Schwartz is the most influential Muslim writer/journalist in Washington, beyond the liberal Newsweek editor Fareed Zakariya, Schwartz's agenda is apparently heard by Neocon strategists seeking to bolster domestic political outcomes and worldwide propaganda campaigns. This lends to the weight of his diatribes against fellow Muslim groups. But Schwartz's prominence emerges from his devotion to and utility for the Neocon political worldview and world agenda ie. he's a tool. The Weekly Standard publishes his articles since they coencide with the Neocon worldview and political agenda. Given this is an election year, fellow neocons at the Washington Times, Washington Post, WSJ, New York Times, World Net Daily, FOX News, and the legions of rite wing punditry have united and utilized this term to create a common enemy which they can tie to Nazi Germany and stir a common fear and bias towards.

Hence the rise of the term "Islamofascism".

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